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Unity of Difference

Visualising Khadi’s Future

Young people have always embodied the zeitgeist of their societies. Today, as we stand on the threshold of a new era, it is the remarkable Generation Z who radiates influence, transcending conventional boundaries. Enter Khadi, an age-old narrative, a precious textile heritage deeply intertwined with India’s story. It is a fabric that is deeply etched in our hearts. And yet, sometimes it is the most familiar things that contain the greatest potential to astound us. ‘Unity of Difference’ is an attempt to bring these values forward. It aims to offer a fresh dialogue for Khadi, depicting its relevance against an ever-changing consumer landscape through the use of visuals. The project is not about boxing an idea in and finding the singular best way to present Khadi. Because that’s the beauty of the fabric — that it’s nonsingular. It is so incredibly versatile and dynamic. It is a million things. It is a textile, it is culture, a history, a memory, it’s love.

Megha Baldewa

Photography and Publication Design

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