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Mark your calendars

Showcasing a list of upcoming events and past events

Jheena Jheena

The event will showcase home furnishing collections designed in-house by the CoEK team. Six Khadi Institutions from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kolkata are
invited to showcase and sell their products. The exhibition will be concluded with a performance, Jheena Jheena, under the Khadi and Art. Jheena Jheena, the fabric of self, is a concert of mystic songs by Shabnam Virmani. Shabnam Virmani is a documentary filmmaker who initiated the Kabir Project. 

Shabnam is a singer and tambura badhak; she sings folk songs of Kabir and other mystic poets. She will be
wearing a saree designed by the team at CoEK. 

Khadi Samvad

The exhibition will showcase four design directions; Neel Raag (the indigo story), Abhrakh (a tale of matte and shine), Srishti (creation), and Kashish (a natural story) in the pavilion. The four themes bring out the diverse characteristics of Khadi. Khadi varies from the finest of muslins to coarser do-sootis.

These four design directions highlight the universality of Khadi. These designs will give directions to more than 2900 Khadi institutions and further the objective of CoEK to make Khadi appealing to the younger audience.

Naveli Khadi

In honour of commemorating the seventy-fifth year of Independence, CoEK brings you a collection of seventy-five Khadi sarees.  

These sarees are designed by the in-house team of designers in collaboration with Khadi Institutions across India. The exhibition will showcase a collection of woven Khadi sarees along with surface techniques and ornamentations. On display will be cotton and silks sarees from Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Assam.    


ICW Invitation (2).jpg

Dreams on Khadi

“Dreams on Khadi” is a show depicting the new stories of youth, energy, elegance, and legacy of khadi with the use of Eri Silk - the conscious fibre of North East India.

After a 9-month process of study; analysis; design thinking; social interactions, and developmental methods, the design team of CoEK Shillong is presenting two collections created by eri silk khadi with the support of the two oldest khadi Institutions in Assam - Gram Swaraj Parishad, Rangia and Barkhetri Unnayan Samiti, Nalbari, with the backing from @7weaves in Assam and @kiniho_clothing in Meghalaya. 

Aheli Khadi

CoEK is presenting an exhibition and a Fashion Show ‘Aheli Khadi’. Aheli meaning pure has originated from the quest of CoEK to provide genuine khadi, sourced directly from the khadi institutions to design for pan generational consumer. CoEK designers have designed six distinct collections of apparel and sarees ranging from ethnic, fusion, western and casual look. Hand embroidery, stitch detailing and hand block printing has been used to add value to the exquisite khadi.

Aheli Khadi.jpeg

Aavartan - Contemporary Dance Performance

The event entails a showcase of Khadi home and apparel collections by CoEK and the sale of Khadi products by Khadi Institutions. The event concludes with the contemporary dance performance called 'Aavartan'. 

Aavartan, rotation in Hindi; Aavarthanam, repetition in Malayalam; Aavartin, whirling or turning upon itself in Sanskritam. The Spirit of Khadi is captured in these words. It is a thread connecting time and people, and nature.

This performance aims to portray what Khadi is today. Cotton becomes threads, becomes fabric, becomes garments - embodying the many hands that made it what it is.

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