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 Celebration of Khadi Spirit!

Corporate Gifting 

Whether it is a season of scorching sun or cold winters, the versatile Khadi fabrics are the best gifting options. Our design team is thrilled to take on the challenge of creating customised Khadi fabric gifting options for your company.

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Space Design 

"Rawness and refinement are not opposite ends of a luxurious spectrum. They are two complementary features with which to populate a luxe environment." - Kelly Wearstler

We not only play with rawness but also create refinement through our design aesthetics for spaces. Bringing the finesse of early forms to the luxurious understanding of the comfort.

CoEK designs spaces with the diverse Khadi fabric complimented with experienced design team members 

Office Uniforms 

CoEK will be defining new narratives for work. Narratives of regenerative culture and transformations through the most defined attire in the form of sustainable Khadi fabric by the spinners and weavers. We are designing office uniforms for various Government and Corporate verticals. 

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Design Consultation for Industry 


We at the Centre of excellence for Khadi have an experienced design team who is equipped to create saleable Khadi design collections tailor made for markets. Choosing what is best suited for the market requirements, our team of experts will carefully select textures, colours and counts from a wide variety of Khadi fabric ranging from the finest of 'muslins' to the coarser 'malasia'. The design team will work on a design brief shared by the industry partners to create Khadi apparels, home furnishings and accessories.

Join us in our endeavours to share and spread the khadi spirit.  If this collaboration sounds like an ideal deal for you, please reach out to us.


Collaboration with Khadi Institution


Fabric Sourcing

CoEK will channelise collaborations with various Khadi Institutions in various parts of the country, which have a wide range of Khadi fabrics varying from cottons, wool to silk. 

CoEK will initiate collaboration with brands, boutique buyers, designers and Khadi institutions.

Design collections

CoEK is bringing a new perspective to the Khadi fabrics and designing new collections for varied generations in its endeavour to innovate and craft new design language. These collections are offered to the market by the Khadi institutions.

Khadi institutions are looking forward to collaborations to reframe Khadi in a new perspective. 

Collaborations for Designers 

At the Centre of Excellence, we are open to collaborating with Designers who echo our vision and are excited to create collections with the Khadi fabric of different touch and feel.

Khadi fabrics offer various choices, from the finest muslins to coarser do sootis.


We call out to all the enthusiastic designers who are excited to learn about the opportunity to create refreshing collections with Khadi fabrics. For any collaboration, you can write to us.

Thanks for submitting!

Write to us on

NIFT, 4th Floor

Hauz Khas Delhi, 110016

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